Santa Cruz Beach Soccer

Summary of FIFA Laws of the Game

  1. A match is played by two teams, each consisting of no more than five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper.
  2. The number of substitutions made during a match is unlimited. A substitution may be made at any time, whether the ball is in or out of play.
  3. The match lasts three equal periods of 12 minutes each.
  4. After a foul occurs there are only direct free kicks, which are to be taken as follows:

• The player who was fouled takes the kick, unless he/she has been seriously injured in which case the substitute will take it.

• If the free kick is in the opponents half  all players must be behind the ball.

• If the free kick is in the team’s own half no player may be obstructing the goal.

• After the kick is taken no field player may touch the ball until the ball touches the ground or the goalkeeper


  Direct free kick in opponent’s half                               Direct free kick in team’s own half



  1. After the ball goes out of bounds any player may inbound the ball with a throw-in or kick-in. The player taking the throw-in or kick-in must do so within 5 seconds of taking possession of the ball. A goal cannot be scored directly from a ball inbound.


                Throw-in                                                                                      Kick-in


  1. The goalkeeper may touch the ball with his/her hands when the ball is passed back by a team-mate once per possession. Infringement results in a direct free kick from midfield.
  2. No defender may touch a player attempting a bicycle kick.


      Bicycle Kick